ZCS Carbon™

Protecting Your ROI

Cyber attacks are so commonplace that they have become a part of the business world. The result is detrimental to organizations, alongside their customers, leads, employees, partners, and their profitability. So, most businesses know they need proficient protection against cybercriminals yet struggle to reconcile their investments with the small rise in the security they often find that comes along with it. What's more, wasted money pales compared to a company's damage to its reputation, brand, and future when using the wrong approach and cybersecurity technology.

The ZCS™ comprehensive approach to cybersecurity sets us apart, protects investments, and consistently returns all advantages of staying protected from data breaches. Comprehensive cybersecurity allows your business to go where it needs to while staying protected. Cyber threats take advantage of protection gaps, and we plug them.

Custom, Multi-Layered Cybersecurity Solutions

Zenuit Consulting Services prepares organizations for this new era of cyber risks through comprehensive solutions and software that out-innovates cybercriminals.

Our cybersecurity solutions deliver multi-layered systems of defense. They combine, implement, and manage several industry-leading security platforms in alignment with your unique business operations, to create an overarching tailored solution with the best features to keep you secure. To ensure its success, your solution will be supported by consultants and information security experts who oversee the system and place you in the ultimate position for threat detection, mitigation and response.

Our applied cybersecurity services use a comprehensive Security Operations Center (SOC) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR), which means there’s a team by your side working hard to mitigate threats, provide real-time incident response, protect data, perform penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments, and actively remediate discovered issues. The result is an unrivaled level of visibility that powers efficient security. Wherever your team’s cybersecurity maturity and posture currently sits, ZCS™ is a leading cybersecurity service provider ready to help you implement and transform any cybersecurity system.