Data Protection

In the fast-moving, never-sleeping operations of the era, data is constantly growing. It grows exponentially in quantity, it grows sideways to capture new information, and it grows into new systems, platforms, and storage facilities. Throughout all of this, the importance of having visibility in your data protection methods and the ability to manage, harness, store, retrieve and protect it becomes as critical as it does challenging. Relying on an in-house IT team to manage this comes with major cost-inefficiencies and responsibilities that turn data protection into a full-scale department. It’s misguided to place the role of data protection within the IT team, who are generalists in computer systems, as data protection is a field of its own. Creating backups for data is one part of the solution, however, data protection also includes acting on protection gaps and disaster recovery, which can fall outside of the knowledge back of traditional IT services.

Disaster Recover

Disaster recovery is a scenario that needs to be analyzed, modeled, or tested, which is a challenging feat without the proper training and software tools. Without the resources, expertise, and capabilities to model your disaster recovery, you may fall into a false sense of security, relying on a backup that won’t likely restore operations after an outage.

Protection Gaps

Without a unified system, the lack of communication causes data loss vulnerabilities for highly sensitive data. This is often true for company’s using IT teams to manage data protection on top of their core IT competencies, as they aren’t guided to which data is critical and which is not. The result is all data being treated the same, and a lack of prioritization causes high-value data to fall within protection gaps and become vulnerable. Data protection is just too important and too complex to not use specialist software that protects this high-value intellectual property.

Protect Your Business From Data Loss With ZCS Argon

ZCS Argon is our solution to help businesses stay protected in modern times – it’s a fully-managed, comprehensive Data Protection as a Service platform with no upfront costs and multiple copies of your data, always ready to restore on demand. It’s a unified, modern approach to data protection services, and below we explain how its features hold the key to protecting and managing the ever-increasing amount of data intake.

Back-up your back-ups

ZCS Argon provides high-performance offsite backup to multiple cloud providers – as it does this, its security-from-the-ground-up design uses built-in encryption for data in transit and at rest. Multiple copies of your data fully encrypted remain ready for high-speed recovery to any public or private platform. As well as the multiple protected copies, the technology maximizes your backup capacity, has built-in e-discovery, retention, and GPDR support, while minimizing the ongoing service costs. And it does all this with peak efficiency evident by its impressive metrics, including aggressive RPO and RTO SLAs.

24x7x365 Monitoring and management

The ZCS Argon constantly monitors all data protection activity and performs the necessary actions to ensure you’re protected locally and in the cloud. This means you can instantly leave behind the tedious dance of traditional backup/recovery data recovery.

Consumption-based pricing

While ZCS Argon is in the business of optimizing, and that includes optimizing its storage and protection processes to reduce costs. It works by ZCS Argon choosing the most cost-effective cloud target for replicating data through secure cloud storage pricing arbitration, your expenses are minimized. Additionally, with little to no upfront costs, you’re only charged on a consumption basis, which results in extensive savings compared to traditional data protection strategies. You’ll get an initial consultation that provides a detailed analysis of your customer environment, resulting in a precise data grading report of all customer resources. Form here, we then develop data protection scenarios to protect all identified data and implement the system so it’s up and running, protected, and ready to restore, as soon as possible.

All the Benefits of the Cloud in an Easy to Use Interface

ZCS Argon helps customers instantly realize the benefits of cloud-connected data protection and frees them of the dated processes of backup-recovery job management while saving on on-premises costs and footprints. The technology has comprehensive telemetry and proprietary analysis behind it to continually improve the end-user experience. It can manage any size and type of workload, so once your data protection is in the cloud, scale, security, and the ability to remain edge connected become just a matter of intent.