BPO Services

Zenuit Consulting Services (ZCS) is a global BPO provider, working primarily within the insurance industry. Our expert services team will act as a partner to our clients who need skilled and experienced resources at a lower cost with higher flexibility. Whether it’s sound knowledge on Commercial or Personal Lines, expertise on various Lines of Business (LOB), proficiency on multiple Client Management Systems, or just understanding end-to-end BPO processes, ZCS has your business covered 24/7, 365 days a year.


Insurance agencies are expected to continually improve their business models, innovate. A major part of their job includes performing important tasks like preparing “Insurance Quotes” which are quite time consuming. One of the key services we provide for insurance agencies is preparing summary and insurance proposals. Our insurance quote process comprises preparing a detailed quote summary for our clients, which helps them scrutinize different insurance quotes at a glance and analyze coverage details with ease. Whether it is term insurance quotes, Auto insurance quotes, Health insurance quotes, Life insurance quotes, Annuity insurance quotes, or P&C insurance quotes, we have the expertise and the resources to meet all your insurance business process outsourcing requirements. Our Insurance Quote Process
  • After analyzing the coverage details provided in the insurance quotes our back-office experts create a carrier wise summary of insurance coverage, deductibles, liabilities, premiums, exclusions.
  • Our back-office team prepares premiums and commission summary tables after carefully selecting all binding insurance quotes which meets client’s valuations and requirements.
  • Our experts prepare detailed structured spreadsheets to allow effortless side by side quote comparison between different insurance carriers.
  • Once the proposal is documented as per the client’s requirements, we structure it into a printable format, which can be presented to customers before finalizing the best quote.


An efficient renewal processing team is the key to business growth as they ensure your customers stay with you. Renewal teams often deal with a pile of work and any delay in the process can cost business. We can take your renewal requests and do all the back-end work, allowing the underwriters to have all information necessary before they even give the revised premium. This will save time and keep the whole process working much more efficiently. Hundreds and even thousands of policyholders have insurance policies that are due to expire and need to go through the insurance renewal process. To offer an updated premium, it takes time to pull up loss run reports and to evaluate the information needed to decide on any adjustments that are required. Our detailed oriented insurance back-office professionals will take everything into consideration to give your underwriter all the information that they need. Insurance renewal process:
  • Keeping track of insurance renewals in advance
  • Creating insurance renewal reminders and summary reports
  • Taking renewal requests and interacting with the carriers for renewals
  • Ensuring that any policy adjustments are evaluated and taken into account for revising premium

Billing and Accounting

For an insurance agency to maintain an efficient business model, streamlined and improved cash-flow is critical, as is the requirement to present cohesive, precise, and timely bills to insurance carriers Inaccurate and incompetent invoicing and accounts receivable methods not only lead to delinquency, but in certain cases, also lead to accrued bad debt. From completely accurate and efficient invoicing, to sending insurance payments reminders, receiving payments and recording them, maintaining and cataloging accounts receivable invoices, and extensively reporting on account activity, we ensure exceptional satisfaction and cost-savings for our global insurance clients.


Sometimes referred to as riders, an insurance endorsement is usually used to add, exclude, delete, or alter the existing policy coverage. An insurance endorsement may be issued at the time of purchase, mid-term, or during the policy renewal time. It is a legally binding change made to the existing policy terms and conditions. Some of the key insurance endorsement services we offer to our clients include
  • Adding to the coverage of an insurance policy
  • Limiting or deleting the coverage of a policy
  • Adding or deleting people on an insurance policy
  • Amending the coverage policy at mid-term
  • Adjusting premiums depending on the change in policy
  • Following-up with the insurance agency / carrier


Processing and issuing a certificate of insurance (COI) is a time-consuming, repetitive, and rigid process for your agency? Every year, millions of insurance certificates are issued in the US, the processing of which requires a tedious verification of the policyholders' details, types, and limits of insurance coverage, etc. This, therefore, leads to increased strain on an insurance agency's back office and customer-facing processes. Our teams of insurance back-office experts perform all the tasks necessary for processing, validating and electronically disbursing certificates of insurance while ensuring compliance with industry guidelines. We have a specialized team to process ACORD certificates of insurance apart from other insurance certificates. Additionally, our team ensures that the certificate of insurance (COI) we issue on ACORD forms, ISO forms, etc., is duly approved by your insurance agency. Renewal and Revised certificates: Our insurance back-office team issues renewal certificates by leveraging the client insurance certificate management database. We also ensure to maintain strict quality control and short turnaround times while processing On-demand/revised and renewal insurance certificates without any errors, repetitions or omissions.

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Loss Runs

Most carriers have customer service representatives (CSR), and one of their jobs is to respond to loss run request forms. However, these high skilled CSR teams are shrinking every day, and they are getting bogged down by these mundane requests when they could be helping a client with a more complex billing or claims processing question. Our experienced team will run the incoming loss run reports on the carrier's platform and manage the sending of these loss run statements to be verified by the carrier's underwriter. This will assist in ensuring that the data is consistent and helps the carrier secure a new client at a competitive rate. In addition, it re-runs a current client through the quoting system in hopes of getting them a better renewal premium rate.
  • Sending loss run requests to previous insurers and receiving reports
  • Extracting loss run data to assist with policy renewal
  • Preparing insurance claims report after analyzing the loss runs

Policy Issuance

Insurance Policies contain important details including coverage, exceptions, definitions and several terms and conditions. Ensuring that every single detail is correct can often be very time consuming and tedious. From small changes in policy issuance to larger ones that dictate premium changes we will work closely with your underwriters to guarantee that your customer is taken care of and that your business interests are protected as well. Our key policy issuance services include the following steps:
  • Carefully reviewing customer documents, and verifying that all information is complete
  • If information is incomplete or missing, submitting findings to the underwriters
  • Entering/verifying customer information and policy details
  • Entering other information and details to generate policy setup document
  • Generate the final policy based on input from the underwriter